Below, you can consult the documents developed by the Sembrando Capacities project:

Technical document on extension tools and methodologies

Document that gathers information related to methodologies, methods and successful practices of extension services in Latin America. It also includes contributions from various institutions dedicated to providing extension services in both Brazil and Colombia.

Documentation of experiences of Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation in Colombia

Document with a theoretical-practical basis for the development of public policy actions aimed at the consolidation of Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation in the Colombian territory, as established by Law 1876 of 2017.

Proposal of guidelines for research in agroecology in Colombia and Brazil

This document serves as a reference framework for the construction of joint research strategies, plans and programs in agroecology and sustainable agri-food systems, within the framework of South-South cooperation Colombia-Brazil.

Proposed research, development and innovation agenda for agroecology in Colombia

Document with inputs for updating the Strategic Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation of the Colombian Agricultural sector (2017-2027) – PECTIA, from the perspective of agroecological innovations.

Proposal of public policy guidelines in agroecology for Colombia

Document prepared from the compilation and analysis of the products and memories of various meetings, workshops and seminars around agroecology, fed back with the experience of Brazil, a benchmark in this regard for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Traditional agroecological system of Amazonian chagras in the Caquetá environment

Document with information on the traditional Amazonian Chagras productive system, description of its agricultural system and suggestions for actions to overcome environmental conflicts in ecosystemic, political, economic, technological and symbolic spheres.

Traditional agroecological system Zenú amphibious agriculture hydraulic system

Find in this document information on the Zenú amphibious agriculture hydraulic system, the description of the agricultural system and a proposal of actions to strengthen it.

Traditional sugarcane and viche production system in Atrato

This document presents basic information on the traditional sugarcane and viche production system in Atrato and a description of its agricultural system. Finally, some actions for the sustainability of the system are described.

Experiences of agroecological transition in Colombia

This document presents the description of nine experiences of agroecological transition based on i) origin of the process, ii) strategies for agroecological transition, iii) commercialization of agroecological products, iv) relationships and knowledge exchange, v) lessons learned.

Family farming and Short Marketing Circuits: organizational experiences in Colombia and Brazil

In this document, find out which and how are the differentiated marketing channels in which CFCA production has additional value, how agroecology, associativity, trust and planning, among others, influence.

Recommendations for the management and use of ACFC information

This document explores how to identify CFCAs in Colombia, proposes elements for a registration system based on the experiences of Brazil, and ends with an exercise to identify and categorize family farming in Colombia.

Recommendations of instruments and public policies for Family Farming

This document presents the main results of the project in terms of events, people linked and visibility, as well as a synthesis of the products, results and recommendations in each of the work areas.