These are the videos developed within the framework of the Sembrando Capacities project.

Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture in Colombia and Brazil

Video that presents advances related to Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture in both Colombia and Brazil.

Mapping of collective agroecological initiatives and processes in Colombia

Learn about the results of the mapping of agroecological initiatives and processes carried out during 2020 by the Sembrando Capacities project.

Territorial Innovation Systems (STI)

Presentation of experiences of Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation: Innovative and Socioecologically Resilient Territories, the Innovation Network for the sustainability of the Montes de María, Participatory Rural Innovation Strategy, the Center for Innovation and Social Appropriation of Coffee Growing – Cauca cultivation and the Socioecosystemic Connectivity strategy: Biocaribe Connection

Zenú amphibious agriculture hydraulic system

The Zenú culture, in Colombia, has developed and kept alive for more than 2000 years, the ‘Zenú amphibious agriculture hydraulic system’, which establishes channels perpendicular to rivers and streams, with the purpose of generating productivity, guaranteeing the protection of homes and regulate water flow during eventual floods.

Traditional system of the Amazonian Chagras of the middle Caquetá

In the ‘Traditional System of the Amazonian Chagras of the Caquetá environment’ a great biological diversity converges, with a variety of ethnic groups, who through the implementation of Amazonian Chagras emulate the processes of succession in the forests, integrating the knowledge about the cultivated plants , technologies adapted to jungle conditions and climatic fluctuations.

Sowing Capacities Project

Video with achievements and results of the Sembrando Capacities project, which began in November 2019 and aimed to strengthen the instruments and policies for Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture in Colombia, based on knowledge management and the exchange of experiences.

ABC of the Local Public Procurement Law

Get to know key information about Colombian Law 2046/2020 that obliges public and private entities and programs that use public resources to purchase food, to buy locally at least 30% from Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture and small local producers, as well as their organizations