Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture (CFCA) is the most important actor in rural development, covering 74% of agricultural units and producing about 70% of fresh food in Colombia. In order to reach its potential for economic, social and environmental transformation, the ACFC requires comprehensive and timely support that recognizes and enhances the value of its knowledge and practices. The relevance of this support must be based on methodologies and approaches that facilitate both the empowerment of farmers and their organizations, as well as the generation of innovation at the territorial scale [1]. In this context, the Sembrando Capacities project presents the results in terms of agricultural extension and innovation.

[1] FAO and IFAD. 2019. UNITED NATIONS DECADE FOR FAMILY FARMING 2019-2028. Global action plan. Rome.


The Territorial Innovation Systems are practical spaces in which the processes of research, capacity building, technology transfer and agricultural extension, establish dynamics of institutional articulation and dialogue of knowledge that specify, promote and consolidate the processes of science, technology and innovation in the territories.

Sowing products
extension capabilities and


Extension tools and good practices for family farming: experiences from Brazil and Colombia

Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation: Experiences in Colombia


Technical document on extension tools and methodologies

Documentation of experiences of Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation in Colombia


Territorial Innovation Systems (STI)

Sowing Capacities Project


Results- Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation: experiences in Colombia

Presentation of results: Good extension practices for family farming

Good practices in agricultural extension: tools to strengthen family farming


Primer brings together five experiences in Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation (STI) in Colombia

Primer gathers good practices in agricultural extension in Colombia and Brazil

Sowing Capacities promotes a workshop to present good extension practices for family farming

Exchange of experiences in territorial innovation and water governance between social organizations in Colombia and Brazil

‘The seed of knowledge’: podcasts bring information to family farmers in the Montes de María

The project seeded capacities, continues with the strengthening of the TISERE Policarpa

The Sembrando Capacities project strengthens knowledge about the Tahiti acid lime production and marketing system in Policarpa, Nariño

Extensionists, professionals from the rural sector and representatives of agrarian organizations from Brazil and Colombia exchanged experiences in rural agricultural extension

Sowing Capacities promotes virtual workshop for the exchange of experiences in agricultural extension

Public institutions and organizations from Brazil and Colombia discussed Technical Assistance and Rural Extension from the point of view of information technology