The Sembrando Capacities project, a trilateral south-south cooperation initiative, which sought to strengthen instruments and policies for Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture in Colombia, based on knowledge management and the exchange of experiences, presents in this web repository all products developed throughout the project

The project developed its actions between November 2019 and December 2021 around four axes:

Through the identification of significant experiences in each axis, the technical exchange in seminars and virtual workshops, and information and communication strategies, the Sembrando Capacities project contributed to raising awareness, disseminating information, strengthening capacities and generating inputs and Recommendations for the creation and improvement of instruments and public policies for Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture (ACFC), which can be consulted in this web repository.

General results of the project:

Learn about the main results of the Sembrando Capacities project obtained between October 2019 and October 2021, in figures:


Recommendations of instruments and public policies for Family Farming
Results of trilateral South-South cooperation Brazil-Colombia-FAO

Sowing Capacities Project

General results of the Sowing Capacities project


Closing note of the event

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This was jointly executed by the Brazilian Cooperation Agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (ABC / MRE), the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil (MAPA), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Colombia (MADR), through the Directorate of Productive Capacities and Income Generation, and integrates the actions of the regional project Latin America and the Caribbean without Hunger 2025 of the International Cooperation Program Brazil -FAO.