Consult the primers developed by the Sowing Capacities project in terms of agricultural extension and innovation, Territorial Innovation Systems, agroecological transition and public purchases.

Extension tools and good practices for family farming: experiences from Brazil and Colombia

This booklet seeks to contribute to the implementation of both the policy guidelines for Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture (Resolution 464/2017) and the public agricultural extension service (Law 1876/2017); presenting some Good Extension Practices.

Territorial Systems of Agricultural Innovation: Experiences in Colombia

Find in this primer key aspects of five STI experiences in Colombia in light of their purpose, tools, actors, resources, environment and factors that have favored their development.

Agroecological transitions: practices and experiences in Colombia

Find in this primer the strategies and practices that have been used by nine experiences in Colombia in the path of agroecological transition, from a multidimensional perspective of agroecology.

Recommendations for the strengthening of short marketing circuits in the context of family farming in Colombia

Through the presentation of 12 organizational experiences of family farming, eight in Colombia and four in Brazil, this booklet generates a series of conclusions and recommendations that seek to contribute to the instrumentalization of established policies in Colombia.

Accompaniment strategy for territorial entities for local public purchases from Peasant, Family and Community Agriculture (ACFC)